Mediation Services Throughout the South West

Why Choose Mediation?


Mediation can avoid months or years of litigation and will significantly reduce your costs by resolving disputes more quickly and effectively.

Mediation can help to:

  • Reduce conflict and tension by helping you both to focus on the issues that need to be reduced.
  • Aid communication between individuals for the future as parents.
  • Narrow the issues that will assist the court and enable them to deal with outstanding matters more speedily.
  • Allows you both to make informed decisions based on exploration and discussion of all possible options.
  • Consider childrens needs by shortening periods of anxiety caused by not knowing what will happen to them.
  • Assist you in discussions with your solicitor when seeking advice.
  • Significantly reduces your costs, if you are eligible for Legal Aid there is no repayment of Legal Aid costs for mediation.